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Increasing Productivity in Margarine Production

Margarine is a stabilized water-in-oil emulsion which was developed as a substitute for butter. It is made from one or more vegetable oils or animal fats, mixed with an aqueous portion containing milk products, salts, and other ingredients such as flavoring agents, emulsifiers, vitamins, preservatives and butter.

The K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-AP-T is installed directly in the fat phase tank through an APV Tank Bottom Flange. The refractometer measures accurately and continuously the refractive index of the blend during the preparation of the fat phase to determine the correct fat and oil proportion. This is an important measurement before continuing to emulsification.

The in-line measurement by the refractometer provides real-time QA (quality assurance) monitoring of the blend and eliminates the need for sampling and laboratory tests, thus increasing productivity and reducing batch time.

In addition, the real-time measurement by the K Patents refractometer provides instant information for ingredients dosing, and helps to produce margarine with the desired characteristics, functionalities and consistent quality.

Application Note ref. 2.13.02 Margarine and Spreads Production (PDF)