物料安全数据表 (MSDS)









System Drawings
PR-23 Steam Wash (pdf)

Dimensional Drawings
PR-23-AC-H Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-AP-TSS Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-AP-RSS Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-AP-VSS Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-AP-PSS Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-GP-D/A/JSS Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-SD Sensor (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Safe Drive Isolation Valve (pdf)
PR-23-SDR Retractor Tool (pdf)

Mounting Drawings
PR-23-AC-62-HSS Sensor Mounted to a 3" Line (pdf)
PR-23-AC-62-HSS Sensor Mounted to a 4" Line (pdf)
AFC-HSS-H10/H15-SI/RI 1/1.5" Flowcell (pdf)
AFC-HSS-H20/H25-SI/RI 2/2.5" Flowcell (pdf)
AFC-HSS-H20/H25-SI-RI-NC 2/2.5" Flowcell with Nozzle Connection (pdf)
PR-23-AP-RSS (pdf)
PR-23-AP-TSS (pdf)
PR-23-AP-RSS-WN/SN/PN (pdf)
PR-23-GP-D/A/J-WN/WP/SN Mounting to a Large Pipe (pdf)
PR-23-GP in a Large Pipe (pdf)
PR-23-M Mounting and Dimensions (pdf)
PR-23-W Mounting and Dimensions (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Vertical Pipe (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Steam Pipe Fittings (pdf)
PR-23-SDI HP Nozzle Pipe Fittings (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Horizontal Pipe (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Wash Nozzle Mounting (pdf)
PR-23-SDI Welding (pdf)

Wiring Drawings
PR-23 Standard Wiring (pdf)
PR-23 Wiring for Steam Wash (pdf)
PR-23 and Wiring for DTR-M/RU-GP-DC (24 V DC) (pdf)



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物料安全数据表 (MSDS)

The MSDS for the Refractive Index Liquids sold by K-Patents are shipped with our RI liquid sets, but the information is also available on the manufacturer's homepage. You can download the appropriate MSDS on www.cargille.com/msds.shtml, choose the correct RI Series from the drop-down box that says "Refractive Index Liquids".





1.00.00 指糖和甜味剂

1.01.00 Beet Sugar Process (pdf)
1.01.01 Extraction (pdf)
1.01.02 Evaporation (pdf)
1.01.03 Crystallization (pdf)
1.01.04 Crystallization Comparison (pdf)
1.01.05 Green Syrup and Molasses (pdf)
1.01.06 Desugarization of Molasses by Chromatographic Separation (pdf)

1.02.00 Cane Sugar Process (pdf)
1.02.01 Affination (pdf)
1.02.02 Decolorization (pdf)
1.02.03 Evaporation (pdf)
1.02.04 Crystallization (pdf)
1.02.05 Recovery (pdf)

1.03.00 Starch Sweeteners Process (pdf)
1.03.01 Ion-exchanger (pdf)
1.03.02 Evaporator (pdf)
1.03.03 Crystallizer (pdf)
1.03.04 Chromatographic Separation (pdf)
1.03.05 Carbon Column (pdf)

1.04.00 Citric Acid Process (pdf)


2.00.00 食品和饮料

2.01.00 Alcohol Distillation
2.01.01 Rum (pdf)

2.02.00 Wine
2.02.01 Wine Grape Processing (pdf)
2.02.02 Wine Interface Detection (pdf)

2.03.00 Beer Brewing Process (pdf)

2.04.00 Juice and Soft Drinks
2.04.01 Juice Evaporation (pdf)
2.04.02 Juice Blending (pdf)

2.05.00 Dairy
2.05.01 Whey Separation Process (pdf)
2.05.02 Milk Evaporation and Spray Drying (pdf)

2.06.00 Coffee and Tea (pdf)
2.06.01 Tea Extract Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration (pdf)

2.07.00 Egg Process (pdf)
2.08.00 Sugar Dissolving (pdf)
2.09.00 Jam Cooking (pdf)
2.10.00 Tobacco Process (pdf)

2.11.00 Tomato Paste Evaporation (pdf)
2.11.01 Tomato Ketchup and Sauces from Tomato Concentrate Plant (pdf)

2.12.00 Soybean Oil Production (pdf)
2.13.00 Food and Beverage Interface Detection (pdf)
2.14.00 Chewing Gum Coating (pdf)
2.15.00 Donuts Sugar Coating (pdf)
2.16.00 Rice Pudding (pdf)
2.17.00 Yeast Extract (pdf)


3.00.00 制浆和造纸

3.01.00 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp Process (pdf)
3.01.01 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Continuous Digester (pdf)
3.01.02 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Brownstock Washing (pdf)
3.01.03 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Evaporation (pdf)
3.01.04 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Recovery Boiler (pdf)
3.01.05 Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp: Causticizing (pdf)

3.02.00 Sulphite Pulp Process (pdf)

3.03.00 Paper Sizing Process (pdf)
3.03.01 Starch Cooking (pdf)
3.03.02 Size Press (pdf)


4.00.00 化工和其他

4.01.00 Bulk and Fine Chemicals
4.01.01 Catalytic Oxidation Process: Formaldehyde (pdf)
4.01.02 Ethanol Blending (pdf)
4.01.03 Cooling Process by Ethylene Glycol (pdf)
4.01.04 Autoxidation Process: Hydrogen Peroxide (pdf)
4.01.05 Sodium Acetate Process (pdf)
4.01.06 Sodium Dichromate Process (pdf)
4.01.07 Contact Process: Sulfuric Acid and Oleum (pdf)

4.02.00 Chlor-Alkali Products
4.02.01 Chlor-Alkali Process: Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Brine (NaCl), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) (pdf)
4.02.02 Salt Production (Sulfate in Brine) (pdf)

4.03.00 Polymers and Plastics
4.03.01 Phenol Process (pdf)
4.03.02 Phenolic Resin Process (pdf)
4.03.03 Styrene Production Process (pdf)
4.03.04 Polycarbonate Synthesis Process (pdf)
4.03.05 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Production Process (pdf)
4.03.06 Caprolactam Production Process (pdf)
4.03.08 Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin Process (pdf)
4.03.09 Removal of PAH in Green Automotive Tires Production (pdf)

4.04.00 Fertilizers and Explosives
4.04.01 Ammonium Nitrate Production Process (pdf)
4.04.02 Nitroglycerine Production Process (pdf)
4.04.03 Urea-Ammoniumnitrate (UAN) Production Process (pdf)
4.04.04 Urea Production Process (pdf)
4.04.05 Nitric Acid Process (pdf)
4.04.06 Liquid Ammonia / Ammonium Hydroxide Production Process (pdf)

4.05.00 Fibers and Textiles
4.05.01 Cellulosic Fibers: Cellulose Acetate Fiber Production (pdf)
4.05.02 Synthetic Fibers: Polyamide (Nylon) Fiber Production (pdf)
4.05.03 Polyurethane Elastic (Spandex) Fiber Production Process (pdf)
4.05.04 Textile Sizing Process (pdf)
4.05.05 Textile Sizing Agents Recovery by Ultrafiltration (pdf)
4.05.06 Fiberglass Production Process (pdf)

4.06.00 Other Chemical and Allied Products
4.06.01 Glycerol Evaporation (pdf)
4.06.02 Automotive Grade Urea Solution Process: AdBlue and DEF (pdf)
4.06.03 Aviation De-icing Fluid Spraying and Recovery (pdf)
4.06.04 Wood Timber Treatment: Acetylation Process (pdf)
4.06.05 Gelatine Evaporation (pdf)
4.06.06 Detergents Blending (Floor Wax) (pdf)
4.06.07 Lead Acid Battery manufacture (pdf)

4.07.00 Water Treatment
4.07.01 Pure Water Treatment by Chemical Precipitation (pdf)
4.07.02 Ammonia Removal in Water Treatment (pdf)
4.07.03 Total Organic Content (TOC) Monitoring in Effluent (pdf)
4.08.00 Can Coating (pdf)
4.10.00 Polyethylene Fiber Antistatic Agent (pdf)
4.11.00 Chemicals Identification (pdf)


5.00.00 半导体和太阳能

5.00.00 Semiconductor Wet Chemical Processes (pdf)
5.00.01 Bulk Chemical Delivery System (pdf)
5.00.02 KOH Etch of Silicon (pdf)
5.00.03 Post-Etch Residue Removal Using Spray Tool (pdf)
5.00.04 Peroxide Blending and Dispense at CMP (pdf)

5.01.00 Solar (Photovoltaic) Industry
5.01.01 Removal of Residual Sawing Material from Solar Wafers (pdf)


6.00.00 制药和生化

6.01.00 Pharmaceutical Processing (pdf)
6.01.01 Vitamin B-2 Production Process (pdf)
6.01.02 Aspirin Crystallization (pdf)
6.01.03 Vaccine Production Process: Sucrose Gradient Ultracentrifugation (pdf)
6.01.04 Protein Concentration and Diafiltration (pdf)

6.02.00 Biochemical Processing
6.02.01 Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Crystallization (pdf)
6.02.02 L-Lysine Evaporation Process (pdf)


7.00.00 金属和采矿

7.01.00 Metalworking and Machining
7.01.01 Metalworking and Machining (pdf)

7.02.00 Metal Mining and Refining
7.02.01 Longwall Mining: Emulsion Station (pdf)


8.00.00 炼油和石化

8.01.00 Oil Refining Process
8.01.01 Oil Pipeline Interface Detection (pdf)
8.01.02 Hydrotreaters / Aromatic Content Measurement (pdf)
8.01.03 Sulphuric Acid Alkylation (pdf)
8.01.05 Liquid Hydrocarbon Identification (pdf)
8.01.06 KOH Scrubbing of Acidic Gas (pdf)

8.02.00 Natural Gas Processing
8.02.01 Glycol Dehydration (pdf)
8.02.02 Amine Gas Treating: H2S and CO2 Removal (pdf)

8.03.00 Bulk Petrochemicals and Intermediates
8.03.01 Lube Oil Refining Process (pdf)


9.00.00 生物炼制

9.01.00 Bioethanol Process (pdf)
9.01.01 Bioethanol Cooking and Fermentation (pdf)
9.01.02 Bioethanol Purification (pdf)
9.01.03 Bioethanol Stillage Processing (pdf)

9.02.00 Biodiesel Process (pdf)
9.02.01 Biodiesel Glycerol Refining (pdf)